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Pierced pool and logs

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The artist is flowers Turning to the topic of creative labor, so relevant for painting of the 1920-1930s, Boris Tsvetkov…

Head (i)

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The artist is Filonov Compositions called "Head" In large quantities, you can find among the drawings and picturesque works. Filonova….

Weighty waters

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The artist is Byalynitsky -Birulya In the work of the masters, the development of the tradition of Russian lyrical landscape….

The weaving workshop

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The artist is self -wrapping In Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Samokhvalov was sent by isogiz on weaving factories to create a picture of…

Breakfast of the worker

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The artist is Arnautov The picture was written in the USA during the Great Depression. The artist adhered to left-wing…

Girl with a kid. (Young collective farmer.)

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The artist is Chernyshev The echoes of symbolism are distinguishable in the works of seemingly unambiguously dedicated to Soviet childhood,…

Red Navy

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The artist is Ermolaev In the first half of the 1930s b. N. Ermolaev creates a whole gallery of portrait…

Collective farmer

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The artist is Malagis The picture belongs to a series of portraits of collective farmers performed by Malagis in the…

Turbocorpus of the Electrosil plant

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The artist is Pakulin Like many of his colleagues in creativity, Pakulin in the early 1930s turned to the topic,…

Tractor Workshop of Putilovsky Plant

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The artist is Filonov At the turn of the 1920s, the situation around Filonov, one of the most proletarian artists…