The artist is Deineka

In the art of the early 1930s, when this work was created, the artists sang a perfect type of new person, created a collective portrait of a whole generation, strong and physically hardy.

A.A. Dyneka since childhood was passionate about sports. The artist recalled: "It happens that you are covered by enthusiasm, a surge of energy, muscles spring, a chill of vivacity passes through the body. You seemed to have just left the cold river in the morning. You want to run, throw off unnecessary energy reserves, waste it with great handfuls, look at life with laughter and enthusiasm ..".

The work of Alexander Deineki reflects the aspiration for new forms of depicting public life – labor, the industry of the city, sports, the appearance of a new person. The film “Running” focuses the main formal features of the Dyneki style-the mounting and rhythmic structure of the composition, coloristic laconicism, hard, graphic picturesque language. Deineka ignored individual personality traits, endowing his characters with signs of a certain "Youth" military sports type. In “Running” there is also concreteness and generalization, romantic spirit and lyricism, a person in the picture personifies freedom and determination.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 55.

The work was written in a new period of creativity for the artist, when the color of his work becomes lighter, softer, landscapes gain lyrical tonality, a cult of strength and beauty is formed.

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