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Safe state before restoration

The picture entered the restoration department in connection with the preparation of the personal exhibition of works to. N.Istomin.

The exhibit, which is painting on cardboard, was nailed around the perimeter to the subframe with nails and was in disrepairing state. Numerous deformations and fractures of the foundations formed due to the addition of cardboard in the central part horizontally and verticals led to numerous losses of a colorful layer. On the perimeter of the cardboard, there were numerous losses of the basics and stratification with the losses of the colorful layer.

Complex of the events:

During the restoration process, the exhibit was dismantled from the subframe. The soil and the colorful layer are strengthened in the open way with sturgeon glue, after which the picture is fabricated. On the back side, the author’s inscriptions in the thin layer are cut off for subsequent strengthening and duplication on a new cardboard. The author’s base (cardboard) is laid out on the back of layers to a uniform state. The loss of the foundation is replenished with copyright cardboard, removed from the back. The places of gluing and fractures are strengthened by Japanese paper and wheat glue. The basis is neutralized by the introduction of a borage buffer from the back side. The picture is duplicated on Japanese paper with wheat glue, followed by duplication on a rag neutral cardboard. The exhibit is mounted on a new subframe-planet. Restoration soil is brought to the loss of the loss. Tinting the loss of the author’s colorful layer was performed.

A cut fragment with inscriptions on the back is strengthened by Japanese paper and duplicated on a sheet of rag cardboard corresponding to the size of the exhibit. Mounted to the back of the subframe.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. WITH. 170-171.

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