Girl with a kid. (Young collective farmer.)

The artist is Chernyshev

The echoes of symbolism are distinguishable in the works of seemingly unambiguously dedicated to Soviet childhood, godless, alien to all metaphysics, as an open book expanded outside. Tender weapons of Nikolai Chernyshev, although they are called pioneers, seem to the younger sisters of the young novices Mikhail Nesterov. In their melancholy detachment, in the Gothic bends of their transparent bodies – the willingness to melt the Snow Maiden, to become a sacrificial darling of the Spring Spring.

“With the heat, I set about sketches of adolescents in orphanages, at playgrounds, in pioneer camps, in a work school, at children’s technical stations, at pioneer parades and flows. By this time, my main genre is determined: teenage girls in the charm of a transitional age from childhood to girlhood, full of severity, purity and grace (arguing with the beauty of the anti-kits), but the very do not recognize their beauty. I started to draw guys…” – recalled the artist to find his topic. Lyubov Shakirova. Caution: childhood! // Children of the Country of Soviets. SPb, 2017. WITH. 6.

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