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Builder worker

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The artist is self -wrapping In Soviet fine art and cinema, in the campaign and mass culture, it was women…

AND. IN. Stalin at the coffin with. M. Kirov

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The artist is Rutkovsky In 1934, Rutkovsky headed the brigade of artists in the painting of the station in Beloostrov,…

In the storm

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The artist is Lizak Lizak was not one of the adherents of the official ideological line of Soviet art. In…

Conversation of the collective farm brigade (collective farm brigade)

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The artist is Deineka Working on the sketches of the murals of the building of the People’s Commissariat of Agriculture,…

1919. Anxiety

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Artist – Petrov -Vodkin Petrov-Vodkin wrote: “As for the“ anxiety ”, I think, it is clear in the very interpretation…

Lel (spring)

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The artist is Nesterov In the late 1910s-1930s, Nesterov wrote a number of wonderful works that continued the lyrical line…


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The artist is Istomin + About the restoration of the work – Hide the text about restoration Safe state before…


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The artist is Deineka The creation of this small canvas was preceded by impressions of trips to the native Donbass…

Pierced pool and logs

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The artist is flowers Turning to the topic of creative labor, so relevant for painting of the 1920-1930s, Boris Tsvetkov…

Head (i)

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The artist is Filonov Compositions called "Head" In large quantities, you can find among the drawings and picturesque works. Filonova….