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Self -portrait with and.A.Braudo

 arts  April 4, 2024  0 Comments on Self -portrait with and.A.Braudo

The artist is Glebov T. N. Glebova took violin lessons at and. A. Braudo. In 1935 a portrait and. A….

At the stadium

 arts  March 27, 2024  0 Comments on At the stadium

The artist is self -wrapping The topic of sports was one of the most popular in Soviet art of the…

Young. Laughter

 arts  January 18, 2024  0 Comments on Young. Laughter

The artist is Yuon In the post -revolutionary years of the formation of a new ideological system in the work…


 arts  January 10, 2024  0 Comments on Founders

The artist is Osolodkov In the early 1930s, Osolodkov writes several compositions on the theme of “founders”, as well as…


 arts  December 13, 2023  0 Comments on Run

The artist is Deineka In the art of the early 1930s, when this work was created, the artists sang a…

Komsomol at the Comrade Stalin factory

 arts  November 20, 2023  0 Comments on Komsomol at the Comrade Stalin factory

The artist is Chugunov The production process can be shown as a confrontation between technology and man, to identify the…

Peasant woman

 arts  October 23, 2023  0 Comments on Peasant woman

The artist is Malevich Having risen in the 1910s to the endless space of the Suprematist worlds and enjoying its…

We eliminate the breakthrough

 arts  October 3, 2023  0 Comments on We eliminate the breakthrough

The artist is Adlivankin The artist uses in the name of the picture a fragment of a popular slogan from…


 arts  September 11, 2023  0 Comments on Demonstration

The artist is Brodsky In the 1920-1930s, the historical and revolutionary topic became decisive in the work of Brodsky. Portraits…

All -Russian holiday of labor May 1, 1920

 arts  August 9, 2023  0 Comments on All -Russian holiday of labor May 1, 1920

The artist is Buchkin The first of the first all -Russian communist subbotniks in Leningrad is depicted. Perhaps Buchkin was…