1919. Anxiety

Artist – Petrov -Vodkin

Petrov-Vodkin wrote: “As for the“ anxiety ”, I think, it is clear in the very interpretation that this is the accumulation of a revolutionary struggle, this is an everlasting restlessness, an everlasting fear that the conquest of the revolution does not flinch …”.

Creating a picture of the era of the Civil War, the artist commented on his plan: “… sirens whistled, who convene all workers to defend Petrograd. That’s exactly this moment I wanted to convey “. And then Petrov-Vodkin reveals the true meaning of his “anxiety”: “But I wanted to make the plot not local, but to make more widely, convey an alarm, the scale of great experiences …”.

The anxiety is manifested in many details: in a defenseless, completely heroic philistine look, the figure of a worker, which stressfully peers out of the curtain, peers out the window, in a cold bluish street darkness, in a crumpled newspaper, in a peppermint aimed on the edge of the table, in old and tilted wallpaper. It increases even more when looking at the child sleeping serene in her bed. The tragedy of what is happening is obvious: the quiet home world is suddenly caught with something grandiose, which is approaching the city, at home and people living in them. And this invasion is inevitable as fate itself.

"The anxiety “Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin is a memory of pores when the world seemed not only fierce, but also beautiful-it reminds of it the October number „Red newspaper “For 1919. The pore of writing the picture is reminiscent of a watch showing nine hours thirty -four minutes – 1934. Nothing to see in the window that Petrov-Vodkin has always had a window into the world, a way of combining external and internal space: „The universe is a deaf place “. A great time stopped. The space is closed. Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. WITH. 355.

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