Self -portrait

The artist is Ryazhsky

The self -portrait was written at the time of the rapid creative take -off of George Ryazhsky. In the 1920-1930s, images of new Soviet women glorified the artist were created: “Rabfakovka” (1926), “delegate” (1927), “chairman” (1932; all-GTG) and others) and others) and others) and others) and others) and others) and others). Behind the thirty -three -year -old artist is a soldier’s service on the fronts of the First World War, studying at state free art workshops with Casimir Malevich, a passion for neopimitivism and Suprematism, active participation in the new society of painters. The full disappointment in avant-garde experiments that occurred in the early 1920s caused a period of painstaking mastery of the skill of full realistic painting and was crowned by the entry into the association of artists of revolutionary Russia. L. Sh.

My me. Self -portrait in the meeting of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2016. WITH. 96.

This work is one of the first big successes in the genre of a portrait of a young artist, who consciously chose a realistic direction in creativity in the 1920s. He wrote that in art they are driven by “a feeling of love for the flesh and blood of human, for the length of the space of the earth and the sky,” and only realism makes it possible to convey these feelings. The “self -portrait” concentrated the pressure and the audacity of the whole generation of young people who enthusiastically build “new life”, to embody the ideals declared by the country of Soviets in art. (A. N.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 196.

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