Martial arts of Mstislav with Rededa

The artist is Roerich

Roerich depicted the plot from the annals “The Tale of Bygone Years” (XI century), which told about the battle of the Russian Prince Mstislav Vladimirovich with the Circassian prince Rededei, the leader of the Kasog tribe,. The picture was written in 1943, when the Second World War was going on.

Nikolai Roerich. In search of Shambhala. Exhibition catalog in Malaga. 2019. WITH. 114.

According to researchers, this plot is taken from "Ancient Russian history" M.IN.Lomonosov and reflected in the “Word of Igor’s Regiment”. According to the annals in 6530 (1022), the Tmutarakan prince Mstislav Vladimirovich “Brave” acted as a campaign against Kasogs. Upon learning of this, the Supreme Prince of the Adyghe Union of Rededa, who had great physical strength, went to meet the enemy. Both troops met on the territory of the Sagin tribe bordering Tmutarakanan Russia. Rededa suggested Mstislav, in order to avoid bloodshed, to solve the case with a fight on the condition that the winner would take a family, land and everything, including the life of the defeated. During martial arts, Mstislav began to lose strength, but in the end he still managed to defeat Rededa. Having plunged his opponent, Mstislav killed him. Subsequently, Mstislav attributed his victory to the intercession of the Virgin, whom he prayed during the battle. In 1943, the appeal to this event became the reason for Nikolai Roerich to talk about the radical fracture that occurred during the Great Patriotic War.

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