Portrait and. IN. Stalin

The artist is Brodsky

This work of Brodsky participated in a closed contest of portraits of Stalin, organized in 1937 among the most authoritative Soviet artists. The picture was criticized for coldness and excessive naturalism in details. These features are really characteristic of the official portraits of the master: he gave him close photography the reliability of the document, but according to the canons of socialist realism, the image of Stalin should have awakened the admiration and love close to his son. Brodsky depicted Stalin as a harsh, strict leader. The artist makes the viewer look at Stalin from the bottom up. This image, created by Brodsky, clearly lacked the warmth of the author’s attitude, which caused the discontent of the commission that conducted the competition.

Stalin (Dzhugashvili) Joseph Vissarionovich (1879–1953) – one of the leading figures of the Communist Party and the Soviet state. Member of the Politburo of the All -Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (b) (1919–1952), Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee (1922–1953), member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU (1952–1953), chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (1941–1953). Hero of Socialist Labor (1939), Hero of the Soviet Union (1945), Marshal of the Soviet Union (1943), Generalissimo of the Soviet Union (1945).

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 73.

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