Stratostat “Osoaviahim”

The artist is Bibikov

Oswaviahim – the Society for the Promoting of Defense, Aviation and Chemical Construction – the mass voluntary public organization of citizens of the Soviet Union, which existed from 1927 to 1948. Under the leadership of this organization across the country, circles, training points were created that were engaged in the preparation of the population for defense. Already in 1928, this company included 2 million. Man, special icons, stamps, posters that promoted the activities of Osoaviahim were produced.

The launch of the stratostat “Osaviavahim-1” took place on January 30, 1934. Stratostat reached a mark of 22 km exceeding the world record. But after a few hours, the flight ended with a terrible tragedy. The gondola, cutting off the slings, fell from a height of 2 km. All three crew members died. The rise to such a height was recklessness, as he significantly exceeded the technical capabilities of the apparatus. But the launch took place on the opening day of the XVII Congress of the CPSU (b). The deputies of the congress were read out the crew radiograms with the party’s greetings and reports on the height passed. However, the tragic end of the flight was announced only the next day. Stratonauts were declared heroes. Their dust was buried in the Kremlin wall, the party and state leaders took part in the burial ceremony. After the investigation of the causes of the disaster, many specialists who participated in the preparation of the expedition were shot.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 57.

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