Red house

The artist is Malevich

The ancestor of the whole direction in art-Suprematism, the creator of geometric abstraction, at the turn of the 1920-1930s, Malevich, rethinking all the stages passed, begins the work cycle that compiled a new page of his creative biography. Works of the artist related to this, which covers only 7 years of the period, the stylistic is heterogeneous. At the same time, they obviously growing a tendency to figurativeness, at first glance, is forced, in fact, internally does not contradict the attitude of Malevich, who “deep down has always remained a classic”. True, it is obvious, we can say that his figurative canvases are always “impeccable” in essence, since the images that inhabit them exist within the cosmos fictional Malevich in the space of timeless. In the film “Red House”, Suprematism is felt “from the inside” – in the saturated colors of the previously prevailing Suprematist gamut, in the red square, found here the form of real existence in the form of a red house without windows without windows. This lonely “object”, inscribed in the space of fields and a restless sky, which was broken into colored planes, does not “belong” to the earth. The world created by Malevich’s creative thought and endowed with his own mythology, it seems, begins to live an independent life, carrying the creator. The artist is not powerful to break the threads connecting him with him, only following the general trends, he puts his images into new forms. In 1930, he writes: “”… If a feeling of lack of person goes into the psychology of imagination … Then the form of the image of the world will appear and a person will fall into the power of his attitude and will strive to possess the universe. “.

XX century in the Russian Museum. Painting, sculpture of 1900-2000. SPb. 2008. With.226

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