Feodosia. The temple of the 21st century

The artist is Kuprin

In the 1930s, Kuprin, the successor of the “Bunovalet” tradition, gradually changed his own manner of painting. During these years, the “picture” of its landscapes is strengthened, which is associated with its individual needs and general trends in the visual arts. Landscapes develop a sketchy, differ in compositional completeness. Church of St. Dimitri of Solunsky in the painting “Feodosia. The temple of the XI century ”is a monument of architecture of the XIV century, related to the complex of buildings of the Genoese fortress. Basilica is distinguished by strict architecture, simplicity of forms and small sizes. The quadrangular building is blocked by a cylindrical vault on the crush arches. The church is made up of a missile stone, the gable roof is covered with tiles. The entrance portal is profiled with casket stones, a lancet niche is located above it. There are Armenian fountain near the temple.

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