Prophet (Magomet on Mount Hira)

The artist is Roerich

Magomet or Muhammad (about 570–632) is revered in Islam as a prophet. Having received a revelation from Allah – the Qur’an, – became the preacher of the new faith. Roerich’s picture is dedicated to the vision of Mohammed. According to legend, it happened on Mount Hira near Mecca. Here he was an angel Dzhibrail (Gabriel).

Nikolai Roerich. In search of Shambhala. SPb, 2020. WITH. 112.

The most important page in the life of the Roerichs was their communication with Mahatmas teachers, the keepers of secret spiritual knowledge (Mahatma-“Great Soul”). The artist and his wife became employees of the anonymous group of philosophers and teachers and fulfilled the mission of the distribution of knowledge in the world called live ethics or Agni Yoga. They compiled a book from the 1920-1930s, setting out the foundations of the teachings of living ethics, which became one of the authoritative religious and philosophical exercises of the 20th century.

For Roerich, the teacher is the highest concept calling for spiritual improvement, therefore it is no coincidence that the canvases of the cycle of the “teacher of the East” (1930s) are devoted to the great teachers of mankind – Christ, Buddha, St. Francis, Sergius of Radonezh, Mohammed.

In the book “Altai-Himalay”, Roerich writes about the prophetic calling of Mohammed: “The first thing that began the revelation of the Messenger of God was the suggestions of truth, which came like morning luminarity. Then he was imbued with solitude and remained in a cave on Mount Hira. And then the true true came to him. And he said to him: “Magomet, – You are the Messenger of God. I got to my knees, ”says the messenger of God,“ and I’m waiting for. Then slowly I went out. My heart trembled. I came to Khadija and said: “Wrap, wrap me,” and my fear passed. And he again appeared to me and said: “Magomet, I am Gabriel, and you are the messenger of God”. It is this moment that is presented in the picture “Prophet. (Magomet on Mount Hira) written by Roerich in 1938.

The Prophet is depicted on a high rock, in a long white robe. He listens carefully to the Archangel Gabriel hidden in the pink flame cloud, which sends him to preach to the peoples a new teaching. Around amber, orange-scarlet rocks sultry, burned by the sun of the Arabian desert. Persons are not visible that it is consistent with the Muslim dogma prohibiting the worship of icons, but in a pose, frozen in a solemn present, the image of a person who is ready for serving people is clearly read. Stream of crimson rays floods a mountainous area. Frozen rocks are solemn and calm. The contours of stone blocks are curved, echoing the silhouette of the prophet. Magomet, coming in front of the archang, is like a stone firmament. In the earthly world – both the mighty mountains and the man who reached their peaks – all heeds the divine messenger, revealed in the halo of shining rays, all the lights of light.

E.IN.Stankevich. Materials for audio guides for the exhibition "Nikolai Roerich. In search of Shambhala". 2020

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