Women’s torso

The artist is Malevich

These are strange faceless "Semi -images" (as the artist himself called similar works), encrypted in female figures and torso, exist in the thought of.Malevich, in a parallel world, within the fictional artist of Cosmos, in space without time. The work causes associations with plastic archaic sculpture, and with a wooden toy, and with a modernist mannequin. In the women’s torso, he embodied a formula perfect in its kind, strict verification of lines, planes, ovalov constructing an impeccable female appearance. In an ideal post-modern heroine, “white Suprematism” sounds with a remote echo: the bright half of the figure barely appears against a white background, but its weightlessness in some incomprehensible way is balanced by the dense bright color of the other. This impressive contrast of the two non-non-non-nonsense and inseparable halves of a single whole gives rise to deep responses at different levels of perception, from sensory-poetic to moral and philosophical.

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