Prospectors write a letter to the creator of the Great Constitution

The artist is Yakovlev

The picture was written for the exhibition “Industry of Socialism”, which became the main event of the artistic life of the USSR in 1939. Back in 1935, the party was given the task of reflecting the successes of the industry in the visual arts, while the main characters were to become “not cars, but people brought up by the Lenin -Stalin party, who mastered the equipment and put the cars to the service of socialism”. The “thematic plan of the exhibition” was published – a tough, detailed indication of plots to artists and their possible interpretation, as well as clearly formulated tasks of displaying a new person of cities and regions of the country, the power of technical weapons of the Red Army, the power of Soviet metallurgy, etc. D. Vasily Yakovlev was offered to do a gold -industrial topic and go to the Urals for this purpose. The artist found a solution for his picture in real life at the mine of the Valeryanovsky Sverdlovsk region. A group of prospectors is depicted, busily discussing a letter in which workers write the answer to Stalin to his call to fulfill a plan for gold mining.

Documentary and firmness, generally characteristic of the art of socialist realism, is inherent in this composition. At the same time, the romantic-emitted atmosphere of what is happening plays an educational role. Behind the mythologized impulse of the working people depicted by Yakovlev, the true situation of hard labor producing gold is hidden.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 99.

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