Crimean collective farm

The artist is Kuznetsov

In the 1920-30s, Kuznetsov often experimented with unusual painting techniques, inspired by ancient Russian fresco. In his work, a craving for monumental art, which he tried to combine with easel painting was always noted in his work. In an effort to turn the picture into a semblance of frescoes, the artist will use the technique of Alfressko and Alsekko.
His image of a female colleague in the picture “Crimean collective farm” is serene and gentle. The impression of monumentality is facilitated by the stability of the female figure put forward and subordinate to its certain movement. The composition is built on the rhythm of repeating planes. The distance is indicated by a decrease in the figures of sheep, which flow with wavy streams along the slopes of the mountains. This technique is full of light and air background for a large female figure. The artist is not inspired by the topic of labor in the spirit of “Soviet realism”, he is fascinated by the process of transformation of reality. Keeping the memory of the fresco, the harmony and the luminarity of the icon images, he transforms his own palette.

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