Portrait of Sergey Sergeyevich Yudin

The artist is Nesterov

With a passion for the bright and versatile personality of the surgeon Sergey Yudin in 1933, the work of Nesterov began on his portrait. The artist set himself the task of writing a portrait of Yudin in action, without separating the surgeon from the work of his life.

The discoveries of Yudin in the field of surgery, his brilliant skill made it possible to save hundreds of thousands of human lives. At the same time, he was a connoisseur of poetry, a passionate athlete, loved hunting, music and painting.

The portrait-picture depicts the moment before the operation, when the doctor conducts anesthesia. Yudin was an innovator in the field of anesthesia. In the composition of the picture “grasped” the node moment of work. The focus of the artist’s attention is the face and hands of the surgeon. Acuteness, strength, the swiftness of his hand is equal to grace, the beauty of its movements. In the eyes, in the face – deep concentration, calm, firmness. Contemporaries wrote about Yudin that “in his operations everything is systematically, simply and very clear”. The artist himself remained unhappy with his work and two years later returned to the creation of a portrait image of a surgeon.

Alfiya Nizamutdinova. Inspired by man // Mikhail Nesterov. SPb, 2012. WITH. 222.

Yudin Sergey Sergeevich (1891–1954) – surgeon, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (1944), laureate of Stalinist prizes (1942, 1948), Lenin Prize (1962, posthumous). (A. L.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 222.

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