The artist is Lepors

The picture “Pskovite” belongs to the most significant and completed artist’s paintings. Taking Malevich’s postpremetic composition as a basis with a clearly expressed axial symmetry, the Leporskaya enriches and complicates it with an unexpected spatial shift: a strange elongated window behind the woman’s head becomes a breakthrough to the horizon, into infinity, and at the same time brings her face to the viewer with an improperly directed person look. The image is cleansed of any household, optional features, it comes from it a feeling of genuine epic power. As in the best “peasant” paintings of Malevich himself, in the “Pskovite” you feel not an external, but organic deep connection with the icon -painting tradition. (E. B.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 244.

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