Man with a scarf (self -portrait)

The artist is self -wrapping

In 1926-1927, Samokhvalov took part in the restoration of the St. George Cathedral in Old Ladoga – a unique monument of painting and architecture of the XII century. Passion for the frescoes of Ancient Rus’ affected most of his works of those years. It is obvious in the self -portrait, written by the tempor, imitating the matte texture of the fresco. The closed, undivided silhouette, as if a fencing gesture of hands speak of detachment, concentration of thought and will of the artist within himself. Facial features are barely outlined with light touches of the hand. Portrait similarities are important here only as much as the moment of the artist’s fascinated presentation before the world is manifested in it. Of the details, only a red pencil is highlighted – a working tool with which inspiration will spill on a canvas or sheet of paper. (L. B.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 204.

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