The artist is Malevich

Picturesque works to. Malevich of the late period are stylistically diverse. Among them, the created by him "Semi -images" – Faceless torso and figures. Such works cause associations with plastic archaic sculpture, and with a wooden toy, and with a modernist mannequin. There is a certain pristine cleanliness in the plastic of the depicted torso, so clearly resembles the naked compositional scheme of the icon: it is felt both in the expressive grace of the contours and in the intriguing mystery of ovals. Obsessive facelessness of images captured in "torso", implies the unraveling of a picturesque allegory. This is probably due to anxious thoughts to. Malevich, who watched how sequentially in New Russia is a program "depersonalization" nation. The work is distinguished by exciting color expression, the monumentality of the generalized interpretation of the figure located frontally against the background of a desert landscape. Majestic and tragic in their "Cosmic" loneliness of these faceless peasants to. Malevich.

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