Portrait of a field worker Anna Ulyanova

The artist is self -wrapping

From the book of memoirs of the artist “My Creative Way”: “This commune is an example of a socialist restructuring of the economy of our country.

The village of Bezhaitsa is the administrative center of the district.

This is a continuous posad of Soviet institutions with a boiling life.

Towards the railway station – MTS. A kilometer to the southeast-SKM-school of collective farm youth. A kilometer to the east – commune. And around a number of collective farms, and in different places the farm is climbed…

I directed my steps to the commune and there I immediately saw those people whom I was looking for…

In these portraits, I have already sought to determine the color task with greater clarity, choosing one or another color maximum that determined the interpreted image in my mind. The same color maximum determined the color individuality of each portrait-story.

The working conditions were such that I had the opportunity to write for no more than two hours directly from nature. In other words, at the lunchtime break of the commune. For this two hours it was necessary to prepare great. And on the day when work was assigned by the agreement, I was forced to literally fast in a peculiar simply nothing. Refrained even from impressions. It was necessary to maintain fresh forces for a short area of ​​work. And when he came, there were severe cases. It happened that the image, clearly understood in the process of observation, suddenly went out in kind of nature that appeared for posing. There was a lot of time and labor to raise it again, or at least bring it closer to the already established performance sometimes it did not succeed ..

The portrait of a field worker Anna Ulyanova, a gusty Komsomol member, restless and tireless, in a certain extent completes the cycle.

And two more portraits of the older community community – the groom of Ulyanov and the blacksmith Afanasy Stepanov. Ulyanov brought to the commune his experience of treating animals and became the head of the farm, and Stepanov took care of the repair of all agricultural vehicles of the commune ..

The wild invasion of the fascist troops crushed and demolished the structure of the commune from the face of the earth … none of the communal male male remains alive ”.

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