Portrait m. G. Petrova

The artist is Nikolaev

Petrova Maria Grigoryevna (1906–1992) – artist of the Leningrad radio. People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1978). The wife of the artist. During the war, she was a political instructor of the Radio House, a fighter of the MPVO of the Leningrad Radio Committee, a member of the front brigade, participated in defense bots, dismantled the rubble of destroyed houses, saved the wounded. Since 1942 she participated in the performances of the urban dramatic (known as a blocked) theater. Petrova’s voice was well known by the residents of the city in the blockade and after the war. She worked on the radio for 56 years. In the hungry time of the siege, the artist gave her bread ration for a collection of Pushkin’s poems, which after thirty years gave a former blocked teenager, and later the poet Sergei Davydov. He devoted to her the poem “Gift”:

Oh, you are a little book – there are few of them really:
In the forty -first winter exchanged
The last two crackers are thin
At the meeting of Pushkin Tomics ..

Maria Grigoryevna was in the blockade in the Union of Artists, read stories in. G. Korolenko. Nikolaev during reading made her sketches. The picturesque portrait of the artist’s future wife conveys the image of a touching and spiritualized image. He is natural, beautiful by the harmony of light pink, white clothing and a softly prescribed background. The lyrical intonation of the work, expressed in the appearance of the actress and a picturesque decision, is especially distinct in comparison with the “self -portrait” and “portrait of the artist. AND. Vikulova “. (A. D.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 270.

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