Partisan detachment

The artist is silver

The picture of Joseph Serebryany “Partisan detachment” was created in the besieged Leningrad in 1942. This work has become an important stage not only in the work of the artist himself, but in the development of the Soviet group portrait-picture. In it, “due to the introduction of the plot principle, the author managed to solve the complex task of achieving a compositional relationship between numerous heroes” and convey the special spirit of a sports fraternity that was formed among the physical cultures of the-Lesgafovites back in peaceful years and manifested with particular force in combat conditions. In February 1942, the Leshaftovites were sent to the rear of the enemy for a complex and responsible task, the fulfillment of which was only a courageous, strong and dexterous athletes. A.Dmitrenko, p.Bakhtiyarov

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