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The artist is Ermolaev

In the late 1930s (1936-1937), Boris Ermolaev first arrived south, and from that time on a new period began in his work. The two episodes made by watercolors and oil were dedicated to the old Berdichev and the village of Aksakai (near Rostov-on-Don).

A little more than a year has passed after a long work on Leningrad landscapes, and the artist managed to change not only the palette, but the deep intonation, which his early works were permeated. The thoughtful seriousness was replaced by humor and joyful responsiveness for new impressions. The blue sky, the white walls, red and green roofs of the village houses caused not only traditional images of folk art, but also motives in the artist’s memory „the peasant cycle “to. Malevich, with whom Ermolaev was familiar. Working in the usual small format, the artist confidently sought the necessary generalization, widely using the local open color and flatness of the composition, extended horizontally.

Boris Ermolaev. SPb. 2004. WITH. 7

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