Ivan the Terrible in Livonia (the capture of the Terrible Livonian fortress Kokenhausen)

The artist is Sokolov -Skal

The heroic stories of Russian history, associated with the role of an autocratic personality, become very relevant for Soviet painting of pre -war and wartime – the period of approval of the cult and. IN. Stalin. In 1937–1947, Sokolov-Skal, who was called the “artist of the big theme”, repeatedly turned to the era of Ivan the Terrible: he worked on a series of paintings dedicated to her, illustrated books a. N. Tolstoy and in. AND. Kostylev. The picture from the GRM collection depicts the king’s entry in 1577 into the defeated German fortress of Kokengauzen – the former ancient Russian fortress of Cukeinos, the residence of the legendary Prince Vyachko. Despite the triumphant nature of the composition, the plot belongs to the last stage of the Livonian war, which ended for Russia with defeat. A year later, the city was in the hands of the Poles, who then owned them alternately with the Swedes. (T. H.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 104.

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