Tractor Workshop of Putilovsky Plant

The artist is Filonov

At the turn of the 1920s, the situation around Filonov, one of the most proletarian artists among avant-garde artists, was also very heated. In 1929, an exhibition of his work was finished in the Russian Museum for almost a year, but it never opened for censorship reasons. On other expositions then his work was not accepted. Essentially, Filonov lived with his wife, that with his proud character it was unbearable. In search of a way out of the situation, close friends agreed on several orders for the artist. He had to perform two or three work on production topics in a realistic spirit. Filonov resisted for a long time, but under the huge pressure of friends and wife agreed.

In October 1931, the artist was sent to the Krasny Putilovets factory, where in tractor workshops he makes sketches for a future picture. In May 1932, work on the canvas “Tractor Workshop of the Putilov Plant” was completed, but it was not accepted, they returned to the artist without explanation. Most likely, the main reason was the absence of the required optimism in the work of the required.

Igor Grabar, visiting the “Exhibition of paintings by the Leningrad Regional House of the Artist”, which opened in May 1933. In the recreation center named after the first five -year plan, he wrote: “The best that Filonov has is his portraits and genre paintings from modern Soviet life, performed without any tricks,“ dismemberment ”and“ shift ”, simply, seriously, seriously. They bribe sincerity and truthfulness “.

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