Two male figures

The artist is Malevich

Work K. Malevich belongs to the late period of creativity, in which his "Semi -images" – Faceless torso and figures. The work, like many others of this period, is associated with plastic archaic sculpture, and with a wooden toy, and with a modernist mannequin. The plan is implemented in the clash and at the same time the indissoluble unity of all components of the plastic solution of the image. There is a certain pristine purity in the plastic of the depicted torso, so clearly resembles the naked compositional scheme of the icon: it is felt both in the expressive grace of the contours and in the intriguing mystery of the oval with erased features. This is probably due to anxious thoughts to. Malevich, who watched how sequentially in New Russia is a program "depersonalization" nation. The work, like similar paintings by the artist, is distinguished by exciting color expression, the monumentality of the generalized interpretation of figures located frontal before the endless expanses of the desert landscape. Majestic and tragic in their "Cosmic " Loneliness these faceless peasants Malevich.

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