Crimean landscape

The artist is Kuznetsov

The first acquaintance of Kuznetsov with Crimea took place from work on the signature of the “New Kuchuk-Ko-Ko” estate on the southern coast of Crimea (1907-1914.). Work in the estate of the famous philanthropist, collector I. E. Zhukovsky transformed the artist’s palette, made her more vibrant and bright.

The 1920s in Kuznetsov’s life were saturated with trips: Paris, Venice, Dresden, Japan, Crimea, Armenia, Azerbaijan. During these years, the artist also leads a class of painting and compositions by monumentalists in VKhUTEMAS, then Vhutuin. His life is saturated with events, meanwhile his painting does not cease to experience the renewal process. Crimea enriched Kuznetsov’s work with new discoveries. The Crimean landscapes of the 1920s are saturated with inner light, the touches of the brush became even easier, the manner is close to the fresco writing. The main intonation of the “Crimean landscape” is elongated laconic planes. The smooth contours of the mountains, trees, hills with a delicate “elusive” color allow the artist to achieve the lightness of the air perspective.

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