Torso (primary image of a new image)

The artist is Malevich

Being the director of the State Institute of Artistic Culture, well aware of the significance of his work, his research, Malevich for a long time and stubbornly sought the authorities of a foreign business trip and, finally, in 1927 he took his exhibition to Europe. The first foreign capital for the nee Pole was Warsaw. Then Berlin, where Malevich successfully exhibited his work. Further, the artist planned to visit Paris, but was urgently withdrawn to Soviet Russia.

After returning to his homeland, Malevich tried to analyze his role in the modern history of fine art, and committed an unprecedented act of reconstruction of his own creative path in accordance with the theoretical views that he professed at that time. Such a rethinking by the artist at the end of the life of all his work from the standpoint of the mature master, the desire to go back the life of his life, to rewrite him “swollen” – this is a phenomenon that has no analogues in the history of art of the 20th century.

So, created in 1928–29. Malevich dates the picture “Torsos” in 1910, and gives an explanation on the back of the canvas – “the protagonist of a new image” / problem / color and form / and / content ”. These words indicate that the artist’s goal was the creation of a purified plastic formula, “Suprematism in the human circuit”.

The image is built on the complex harmonic interaction of two halves of one whole. Strict verification of lines, planes, ovals, comparison of local colors, the artist created the perfect appearance of a post -modern heroine. This “new image” contains a different (in relation to Suprematism) an ideological and plastic program, according to which a new person is a center of the new world. The presence in the figure of a white color, which gives a real idea of ​​infinity, suggests that in this case infinity is concluded in the person himself, which becomes the focus of a certain absolute for Malevich.

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