The head of the peasant

The artist is Malevich

An image embodied in the picture "The head of the peasant", can be called prophetic and at the same time key in the understanding of everything "the peasant cycle" TO. Malevich. “I understood the peasants through the icon,” the artist admitted in memories. Indeed, the artist writes "The head of the peasant" as an icon painter, using the semantics of color and special imagery. The peasant, captured on canvas, resembles faces from icons "St. Nicholas with Life", "Christ is a fierce eye". An alarming dissonance is introduced in the background "Black -lane" the sky aircraft, as a sign of civilization, a technical age that opposes traditional village culture. Genuine tragedy and despair come from "Livery" figures, but at the same time, they are fulfilled by some distant greatness and heroism. Background "Liku" serves the stage of the harvest as a song chorus that accompanies many works "the peasant cycle" artist, they send the viewer to topics and characters of popular pictures. The artist did not immediately create this composition, as evidenced by numerous author’s editing with a pencil during the preparatory work noticed by specialists in the infrared light.

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