Apple tree in color

The artist is Malevich

The creator of Suprematism Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, at the very end of the 1920s, after a trip to the west, analyzing his role in the history of fine art, performs an incredible act that has no analogues in the history of his own creativity in accordance with his theoretical views at that period. Malevich builds a new chronology and creates a number of works in the spirit, as he defined, “cubism”, “Cezannism” and “impressionism”. His student El Lisitsky wrote to his wife in July 1930: “He (Malevich) is aging and is in a very difficult situation. In the fall, he goes abroad and writes everything and writes paintings that he intends to exhibit, signing them in 1910. A miserable occupation. He treats this very seriously and believes that he will be able to fool everyone. “.
The “Apple tree in color” canvas, written in 1930, and simulating early impressionistic works, is still a different. It has a more free, sweeping manner of writing, rapid and artistic. And most importantly, the fundamental difference is in the color scheme in which there is a sharp change in the warm color to cold, with the dominant cool pink, light purple and green. A fleeting look at the work captures the color of the color spots, but with more careful examination of the form they take familiar outlines, form in an understandable image, not contradicting the artistic task – to convey a natural motive through color relations. For landscapes of the line of the 1920-1930s (among them and "Apple trees in color") A special spatial perception is characteristic and rapid and whimsical, dense smear.

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