In the green shores

The artist is Rylov

Student Arkhip Kuindzhi, Rylov went down in the history of Russian painting primarily as a landscape artist, although his heritage includes a large number of paintings in other genres. However, his landscapes, due to its decorativeness, the selection of colors, the absence of tonal transitions, interesting angles and symbols, have become almost textbook. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. WITH. 98.
In the book of memoirs, Rilov expressed his credo: “The artist must portray what he knows and loves most of all, I love his homeland, I love the diverse nature of my country and therefore I devoted myself to this specialty – a landscape painter”.
The canvas “in the green shores”, dense in color, far from the shaky sketchy and epic in its mood. Green giants with a wall stood over a quiet forest river. Slowly and, it seems, she flows completely inaudibly through the emerald kingdom. The playful waves were quiet; Fluffy spruce paws, discarding shaggy shadows, look in the mirror of water. They do not let a playful breeze here. But the brown ray dived into the dark depth, gilding the coastal bushes, the pigeon sky slipped through the quiet water and she began to play, came to life, burst out of green captivity!
In nature, everything lives, everything moves, everything changes – and in the picture of Rylov lives and plays paints, then staring in a clean, intense color, then shimmering in the finest nuances. He saw a great many shades in his beloved green and blue tones. “Our Russian Grieg,” Zalova called his friend, artist m. IN. Nesterov. As in Grieg’s music, a sensitive ear will catch the noise of mountain streams, crystal ringing of ice floes, a rumble of wind in the gorges, and in Rylov’s paintings a deep, sonorous rich color gives rise to images of Russian nature.

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