Repair of a steam locomotive

The artist is self -wrapping

The painting “Repair of a steam locomotive” (1930–1931, timing) Samokhvalov wrote by order of isogiz. The reproduction of the painting “Repair of a steam locomotive” was published by a mass circulation with the text on the importance of railway transport.

From the book of the artist’s memoirs “My Creative Way”:

“I passionately loved the restless and, accordingly measured calls, bundles, whistles, the life of the railways, the life, which goes to the accompaniment of carriage wheels, powerful sighs of steam locomotives with tympaned sounds of buffers. Every road – and especially the railway – changes the content of the life of the traveling (then there were no airlines) and therefore brings up thoughts about changes in life and about a new life.

From early childhood, I loved steam locomotives, their technique, their "pastures" At the stations where they rested, they were renewed and prepared for new runs. I especially loved passenger steam locomotives with huge two-meter wheels painted with bright red color.

I admired this gigantic steel horse at stops, when he was loaded with wood or drank water, hissing and shuddering from the fullness of breathing and thirst for movement, and that rampant joy, when after calls and buns, letting go of the deepest sighs, but powerfully rushing forward, but powerfully, to disappear over a bend or in a blue haze of distant Daliy.

I dreamed of writing a poem about a steam locomotive. Without a foal. With a foal already wrote a magnificent poem Yesenin. I wanted to write a poem about a steam locomotive and about the people who built it and managing it. The circumstances were so that I was able to write only a sketch of this poem. This is a small canvas, but still it was a stage in my creative work, and it also reflected a certain stage of our history, when, after the destruction inflicted by the war of the imperialist and the civil war, after the devastation, the transport of our country was restored, and these fire -breathing giants, these Eaters were restored. Spaces received a new life ..

The compositional system of this small picture has no plans. She is all – the forefront. A worker, a qualified master eliminates a malfunction in the spool above the cylinder. Young worker, lying on the bridge, helps him. Another worker, "Cultural", Strengthens on the railing of the bridge of the platekut. The fourth, standing with his back, puts in order the details of the cylinder. In the depths of the complex mechanism, the figure of another worker, the examining the serviceability of the parts is visible. All movements of working people, their rhythms and movements of the machine structures are located in a single plane ”(from the book of memoirs of the artist“ My Creative Way ”).

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