Peasant woman

The artist is Malevich

Having risen in the 1910s to the endless space of the Suprematist worlds and enjoying its void, in the 1920s, Kazimir Malevich returned from the absolutely white sky, restored the horizon, erected over the void figures of “strawberries” over it.

The picturesque works of Malevich of the late period are stylistically diverse. Among them are especially acutely perceived "Faceless" figures that include and "Peasant woman". The work causes associations with plastic archaic sculpture, and with a wooden toy, and with a modernist mannequin. There is a certain pristine purity and great sorrow in the plastic of the figure: it is felt in its intriguing mystery with the erased features of the oval/face, and in black, painting arms, legs, head, and in the diagonal stripes of the formidable sky. All this is possibly associated with the anxious thoughts of Malevich, who watched how the program is being carried out in New Russia "depersonalization" nation. In the image of a peasant woman with a face meaninglessly overturned to the sky, the tragedy of the time of the late 1920s was undoubtedly reflected, when the already fragile world of the Russian peasantry with its harmonious way of rustic life was finally destroyed.

The work is distinguished by exciting color expression, monumentality of a generalized interpretation of the figure against the background of an alarming sky. Magnificent and tragic in its "Cosmic" loneliness Faceless peasant Malevich. The compositional scheme is built on two axes: vertical and horizontal, creating a full of deep symbolism, primarily for the artist himself, the shape of the cross. This scheme is the most characteristic feature of the postpremetic spatial perception of Malevich and can be traced in almost all canvases "second peasant cycle".

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