Portrait K. WITH. Stanislavsky

The artist is Williams

In the late 1920s, among other young artists, a graduate of Vhutemas Petr Williams was also invited to the opera studio at the mall scene of the Moscow Art Theater and to him. 1930–1934 – years of the formation of Williams as a theater artist. At this time, he designed various performances on the Moscow Art Theater, which were accepted by Stanislavsky. Stanislavsky liked the courage of the design of performances, and he attracts to his last stagnant experiment (Tartuf Moliera, 1938). In the process of working on the design of performances, the artist attended rehearsals, got acquainted with the creative work of actors and directors. In the creation of an artistic image, the embodiment of the characters of the characters, the artist was helped by easel portraits. Williams wrote many Moscow Art Theater Actors. Impressed by communication with Stanislavsky, his portrait was made. Compositionally, the image of the director is as if removed from the stage: the moment of the “run of the play” is depicted, when the main work was done and remains to make the last strokes according to the remarks of the great master. It is noteworthy that the heroes of the Chekhov “Seagull”, a performance that glorified the Moscow Art Theater and became an emblem, are guessed on the stage. (A. N.).

Stanislavsky (Alekseev) Konstantin Sergeevich (1863–1938) – director, actor, teacher, theorist of the theater, founder (together with B. AND. Nemirovich-Danchenko) and the head of the Moscow Art Theater (since 1898). People’s Artist of the USSR (1936).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 233.

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