Noble people of the Country of Soviets

The artist is Efanov

The panel was made by a group of artists: in. P. Efanov (leader), and. P. Bubnov, t. G. Gaponenko, c. IN. Krainev, a. X. Lavrov,
G. G. NISSKY, c. G. Odintsov, a. A. Layers, K. P. Companies, m. AND. Sidorov, d. A. Shmarinov.

The panel was created for the Soviet pavilion of the 1939 International Exhibition in New York. The artists faced a grandiose task – on the canvas more than 150 square meters. m create a group portrait of famous people of the era. Work on the panel itself appeared unprecedented. It was written in the room of the GUM on Red Square in Moscow.

On December 25, 1938, artists, dividing the panel into six sites with figures and the sky, began painting itself. Such a division of labor made it possible to register a giant canvas in a few days. The strata was responsible for the balance of color. Nevertheless, participants could not avoid color, tonal and textured differences between parts. Then the artists had to be rejected from certain areas, and by constant movements they smoothed out color and tonal differences.

The task of observing portrait similarities (and only in the foreground depicts about 50 famous characters) was facilitated by the posing of many celebrities directly in an impromptu workshop. Among the depicted are artists and directors, pilots and leaders of production, scientists and musicians are people not only marked by high state awards, but also really loved by the people. Here you can see and n. N. Angelina (Pasha Angelina), the foreman of the first in the USSR of the Tractor Brigade, and the military surgeon n. N. Burdenko, and pianist E. G. Gilels, and a pilot in. WITH. Grizodubov, and the infamous persecutor of the genetics of academician T. D. Lysenko, and Mamlakat Nakhangov-a pioneer schoolgirl, the famous cotton collector, and actor Mkhat in. AND. Kachalova, and the legendary border guard n. F. Karatsuup, and many other figures who have forever entered the history of that era. Despite all the difficulties that arose in the process of joint work of various masters creatively, they managed to find a common language and end the panel in forty days. (A. L.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 457.

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