Portrait a. M. Nesterova

The artist is Nesterov

As a model of Nesterov, he repeatedly attracted his son Alexei, who had a memorable face. The artist wrote it in childhood, including these studies in his big paintings, wrote different portrait options from him, fully aware of his gloomy and “ugliness”. In the study of 1930, Nesterov managed to convey the immense fatigue of his son, who returned after a difficult business trip. His fate disturbed the artist, he peered into his native features, was looking for a tuning fork in color and tone for the exact transmission of the psychological state of Alexei. Alfiya Nizamutdinova. Inspired by man // Mikhail Nesterov. SPb, 2012. WITH. 221.

Nesterov Alexey Mikhailovich (1905–1942) – son of an artist.

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