The artist is self -wrapping

Portrait-Kartin Samokhvalova is quite consistent with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthose of those years of friendship of peoples, which was present in popular films and songs, widespread in the art of those years. A fair -haired Russian girl and a young beauty from the east, symbolizing this friendship, are given closely against other delegates. The festive atmosphere is emphasized by smiling faces, major color combinations in which red dominates.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 22.

The work was reflected by the plot of the meeting of representatives of different peoples in Soviet art in Soviet art. A modern student and a girl from the Caucasus, who has not yet parted with a national costume, but is already actively included in public life – collective images personifying two stages of the formation of a Soviet woman. (L. B.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 254.

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