Bakhchisaray. Chuke-Su. Noon

The artist is Kuprin

The second half of the 20s is considered the first Bakhchisarai period of Kuprin’s work. The picturesque techniques of the participant in the Buntar Association “Diamond Valet” in the mid-1920s moved away from stylistic experiments and became close to nature. The artist no longer seeks to avoid the plot for the sake of dynamic expressiveness. The city corner of Bakhchisaray is filled with air and light. The main attention of the artist in the picture is focused on the state of the landscape motive. Churuk-Su-a small river in the Crimea, the right tributary of Kachi. Originates in the Biyuk Ashlama tract on the eastern outskirts of the city of Bakhchisaray.

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