Comrade Stepanov – blacksmith of the commune “Leninsky Path”

The artist is self -wrapping

From the book of Nathan Strugatsky "Alexander Samokhvalov. Pages of the book":

"Out of 30 works representing the creative result of a business trip to Samokhvalov into a commune "Leninsky path", The greatest interest and artistic significance is eight portraits of members of the commune and five small landscapes. These portraitouses are not portraits in the usual narrow meaning of this term, that is, the works that give a documentary characteristic of the portrait, the works in which the artist achieves external physical resemblance to the original or the transmission of his mental appearance. Not photographic copying, but the desire for typical generalization, for realistic closed – this is what is the basis of the creative plan of these portraits. And in these portraits, the artist really rises to a significant height of generalization in the typical images of the communities, generalization is by no means due to deprivation of their individualizing concreteness. The known elation of the tone in the interpretation, in the characterization of drummers of socialist fields, is expressed by means of color – bright, fresh, juicy (the color is given in the greatestperture). With all the general that characterizes the flavor of these things, the artist for each of these portraits was looking for his individual color scheme, prompted to him by the task of revealing the expressive characteristics of nature".

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