Competition of young models

The artist is Adlivankin

The idea of ​​conquering space and time, key for other genres and types of Soviet art, in the 1920-1930s it became the most important thing for work on sports. The presenter becomes an ideological and educational component of sports associated with the task of preparing a physically developed person who is “ready for work and defense” (the legendary GTO badge appears in 1930, when the topic of sports is finally affirmed as an important section of Soviet art). Sport as an integral part of a person’s preparation for any difficulties becomes the leitmotif of the works of many artists, including Adlivankin.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 56.

In the painting of the 1920-1930s, the images of children are compared with the signs of the upcoming happiness in which they have to live. Child and sky, sea, distance – images of dreams, the beginning of life, its open horizons. They are not always and not necessarily ideologically determined and dependent. Rather, they were assigned by the state and put at the service of “agitation for happiness”, which generously and not always qualitatively replicated them. The symbolic territory of happiness, as a row, becomes heaven. Children are passionate about aviation, aeronautics, enter oswavakhim, play pilots and aircraft designers. Young aircraft modelists in the picture of Samuel Adlivankin “Competition of young models” launching gluing glukes in the sky. It seems that they themselves are ready to rush into the flat blue of the sky.

Lyubov Shakirova. Caution: childhood! // Children of the Country of Soviets. SPb, 2017. WITH. 6.

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